Creation Wheel Craft Project


 The Creation wheel is a great way to share the story of how God created the world!

Each "piece of pie" tells the story of one day of creation!




  • Scissor 
  • Colors/markers
  • A variety of colored paper
  • Yarn, Beads, Seeds, etc. to decorate the top wheel




Although white corrugated cardboard is preferred for the bottom wheel, the cardboard round from a frozen pizza is the right size and may work well. You may wish to paste a piece of cardstock on top of the cardboard to create a better surface for coloring and/or pasting. The wheel pattern can be used to cut and mark the corrugated cardboard bottom wheel and to cut (but not mark) the cardstock/lighter cardboard top wheel. (Print two copies of the wheel pattern and cut and tape them together to make the complete circle.)

1.  Cut out a corrugated cardboard circle and a cardstock circle. 

2.  Cut one "piece of pie" out of the cardstock circle.  Do not cut all the way to the middle of the pie.

3.  Mark the eight "pie slices" on the corrugated cardboard circle. Color or decorate one of them as the "title slice"  with the words The Story of Creation on that slice.  Clockwise from the title slice,  decorate slices for each of the seven days of creation. Draw pictures, use colored paper or pictures from the craft clipart or magazines to illustrate each step in the creation story:

Day One: God separated light from dark

Day Two: God created the sky and seas

Day Three: God separated land from ocean and created plants and trees

Day Four: God created the sun, moon, and stars

Day Five: God created fish and birds

Day Six: God created animals and Adam & Eve

Day Seven: God rested


4.  Decorate the cardstock wheel in any way you like.  

5. Position the cardstock wheel evenly over the cardboard wheel.  Make a hole in the center of both wheels and connect them with the brass fastener.  Position the open slice in the cardstock wheel so that the title slice ("The Story of Creation") is visible.

6. Use the wheel to help you tell the story of creation, one day (slice) at a time!






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