Daniel & the Lions Craft Project


When Daniel was thrown into the Lion's Den, they rolled a stone in front of the entrance so he could not get out.  That

meant that light could not get in.  Daniel not only had to face hungry lions, but he had to do so in the dark.  God protected Daniel.


The Lion light switch cover is designed to remind children as they go to bed at night that, just as God protected Daniel in the dark of the lion's den, God can protect them in the dark of their bedrooms.




  • Scissor 
  • Black Marker*/Black pipe cleaners 
  • Red Marker*
  • Blue or Green Marker*
  • Glue
  • Double-sided tape (or velcro fastener)

        * You can use a color crayon instead of a marker




1.  Print the Lion light switch pattern on tan/light brown card stock

2.  Carefully cut out the light switch pattern.  Gently bend the pattern in half to cut the switch hole.                                                                                                                   

3.  Use a blue or green marker to outline the lion's eyes.

4.  Use the red marker to color the lion's nose and to trace its mouth.

5.  Use the black marker or cut short lengths (1 1/2") of pipe cleaner to create the Lion's whiskers.  Cut a small slit on each side of the lion's nose and arrange three whiskers in each and tape them to the back of the switch plate.  

6. Cut three 24" lengths of yarn, preferably two colors. Braid the yarn.

7.  Place a thick line of glue as an outline on the outside edge of the lion's head (mane). Glue the braided yarn in place. Cut off any excess braid (excess depends on how tightly the yarn has been braided). The ends of the braid can be tied together to create a finished look for the lion's mane.   

8. Use double-sided tape to attach the light switch cover to your bedroom light switch.

9.  Every night when you turn off your light, the lion will remind you that, just as God protected Daniel,  God will protect you through the night!





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