Joshua Becomes the Leader of the Israelites

Part One
By the time the Israelites reached the border with Canaan, the "Promised Land," Moses was a very old man.  He could not complete the long journey that had begun 40 years before, when God parted the Red Sea and led Moses and the Israelites out of Egypt.  He asked God what to do. God told Moses that he should explain things to the Israelites and tell them that Joshua would lead them into the Promised Land.  That is exactly what Moses did.  Moses then left his people and went up a tall mountain where he could see into Canaan. With that beautiful land of promise before him, Moses died.

Joshua was a little overwhelmed at the job God had given him, but he had a strong faith in God and a lot of courage.  He would need both! Jericho was a big city just across the Jordan River.  The Israelites would need to take control of Jericho before they could move farther into the Promised Land, and it wouldn't be easy.

As the Israelites prepared to cross the Jordan, Joshua sent spies to Jericho to learn everything they could about the city's defenses.  A woman named Rahab helped the spies, and when the king sent soldiers to capture the spies, she hid them and helped them escape. The spies returned to the Israelite camp with valuable information about Jericho.
Part Two
Part Three


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